In | #StayAtHome - Week 16

Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July

It's been a long old emotional week in our house this week so it's felt right to be going at this new, much slower and free-er pace but it's felt even better finally seeing Nanna and Uncle Sam for the first time in almost 4 months. It has been so hard seeing everyone reunite with their loved ones on social media and feeling we weren't ready or able to do that ourselves but it's happened! and I'm certain now we'll never have to wait that long ever again. We also made the decision to see how Ted coped with an outdoor meet up with one of his friends and that too was all kinds of wonderful, seeing him enjoy interaction with another child and they were both so perfectly well behaved it's given me the confidence to try and get Ivy out at some point next week too. I guess it's hard to believe that things are finally easing for us as it's still so prevalent in our mind that the virus is still out there but we want to be able to at least try and enjoy these new relaxed measures as much as we feel we can in fear another wave does hit and we're asked to stay in doors once again.

- School set work - write own story about the bog baby
- Make victoria sponge
- Lunch
- School set work - maths work 5, 10, 20
- Rainbows Zoom meeting

- School set work - maths order numbers to 100
- Decorate cake
- Lunch
- Tiger That Came To Tea party
- Immy and Dylan FaceTime

- Nanna and Uncle Sam came to visit
- Watched Frozen 2 together

- Not much!

- School set work - make your own bog baby (out of playdoh)
- Blueberry pancakes
- A long walk with Jess and Charlotte at Heartwood Forest
- Homemade pizza for dinner