In | #StayAtHome - Week 13

Monday 15th June - Friday 19th June

Enthusiasm for anything seems to be dwindling in the house at the moment, even more so as the weather has been pretty pants but I'm trying not to worry too much about school work (or lack of) as we have had to sign a waiver this week stating that due to Ivy not being able to go back to school next week like many of her peers, we understand she will not be going back until September at the earliest and I think although I knew this was the case, the finality of it has hit me quite hard. It also means I am trying to spread out the work we have already been set so there isn't a huge block of time in the summer where we're not doing much learning. In a normal summer, the kids would be learning organically on day trips out and we'd be nourishing their social skills with friends and family we don't see often but without these as options for the foreseeable future, I'd rather lessen the pressure with school work right now.

With shops opening up too, it is beginning to feel like the whole world has just gone back to normal and we've been left behind a bit. We're certainly no where near ready to resume any sense of normality and still not seeing our friends and family when lots have been reunited is hard but ultimately, Ivy's (and to be honest, all of our's) safety is paramount and I need to remember our time will come.

ANYWAY! Without sounding too gloom and doom, we bagged a swing on Facebook martketplace for £30 this week and it's the best money I think we've ever spent - all 3 kids have spend endless hours on it already!

- Watch Toy Story 3
- School set work - spellings
- Make banana bread
- Rainbows - recycling super heroes
- Lunch
- Rainbows - sun dial
- Built Harry Potter Lego
- Rainbows Zoom meeting

- Watch Cars 2
- School set work - types of weather
- Garden play
- Lunch
- School set work - maths sheets
- School set work - rainbow science experiment

- Watched Brave
- Garden play
- Lunch
- School set work - roman numerals

- Watch Monsters University
- School set work - make card hands

- School set work - problems and solutions in stories
- School set work - roman numeral birthdays
- Lunch
- Watch Inside Out
- Make Daddy's fathers day cards