In | Types of Totsbots

Spring 2020

I have had a fair few people come to me recently for advice as they wanted to start looking into using cloth and I love nothing more than helping people get on their reusable nappy journeys! For newbies, I always suggest starting with Totsbots as this is exactly what I did! I chose Totsbots purely because they were the prints I liked the look of best but after they'd caught my eye and I delved a little deeper, they looked super easy to use too. We started by buying a couple at a time and built up a stash as we got on so well and confidently with them and only started to introduce other brands when Ted thought it was hilarious to undo the velcro.

The other reason why I always recommend Totsbots, are their longevity. Our very first nappies are still going strong, two years on and on their second bottom and are still the nappies we reach for first day-to-day despite our stash being considerably bigger now! There are some other brands we've had that have not lasted nearly half as well.

I want to make one thing super clear - It's no secret that my love for this brand has led to a really wonderful working partnership between us now and although we are gifted their new products in exchange for social content, none of the blogs I have written on cloth nappies have been led or suggested by them, they just happen to feature their newest products. I talk about Totsbots with such passion because it's clear to me what an amazing, hardworking, family owned, business they are - producing all of their own stock in factories in the UK and using only sustainable materials such as recycled plastic! Just another reason why it's much greener to use their nappies. They're also just the nicest bunch of people. I have been lucky to work with many companies through this little blog and the TB team are by far the kindest and most personable people to keep in touch with and that's why I want to support them and continue to shout about them from the rooftops, very loudly

Anyway! To coincide with the launch of their new matchy-matchy muslins*, I have popped together a simple guide to the different types of nappy they offer. As always, if you ever have any questions on anything about giving cloth a go, my inbox is always open!


All of the elements of the nappy are sewn together so you don't need to really worry about what you're doing with it all. You simply put it on as you would a disposable, wash and dry it and it's ready to go again - no faff required. Easyfits are classed as a BTP nappy so they grow with your baby by undoing the poppers on the front of the nappy though it's worth noting that even on the smallest setting, I couldnt get a good fit on these with Elsie until she was 9 weeks old (7lb 3 at birth, and never weighed again!) You can also purchase the Teenyfit which is the same, just dinkier, suitable for babies 5-12lbs.

Best Bits: It's as easy as it's name implies! The best option for beginners and great to leave for babysitters


The peenut system is just as simple to use once you've got your head around it, you just have a bit more flexibility with the nappy so you can have it to suit your needs. The pads are the bit that absorb the wee and you can use the big, the small, or both together by poppering them into the wrap which is the bit that keeps it all contained and away from clothes.

Best Bits: I find peenuts much slimmer so no need to size up on clothes, pulling apart the bits means they dry considerably quicker than the easyfits and they can be a much more economical solution as you don't have to ditch the wrap at every nappy change, just change the pad and wipe the wrap if it's not been soiled.


A fitted nappy is effectively where the 'pads' (absorbent bit) is made into the shape of a nappy. It is important to remember that this always needs a waterproof cover over the top so kinda looks like you're putting two nappies on. These are pretty bulky so I wouldn't choose to use them during the day but that's not to say you can't if you have a particularly heavy wetter.

Best Bits: The most reliable overnight nappy we have ever used - 12 hours is easy.