In | #StayAtHome - Week 9

Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May

The weeks feel like they are passing by quicker and quicker. It's been 'the last week of term' so we've been going easier on school work (mainly so I have something to do next week!) but also the weather has been so beautiful it seems criminal to have them sat at the table working when they could be out in the garden enjoying themselves as best they can. The emotional rollercoaster of lockdown has been wild throughout but with the news that schools are to re-open to some pupils in just a weeks time, I've felt some hope that we may get to see our family soon, some guilt at the fact Ivy won't be going back until September and also a weird sort of sadness that this period of time where I have enjoyed having zero pressure to get up and go anywhere or be anywhere or to be doing anything other than looking after my home and my family may be coming to an end, however slowly. I just hope the kids look back on this time with as many lovely memories as I will.

- Garden Play
- School set work - revisit 2D shapes
- School set work - features of letter writing
- Made Uncle Sam's birthday card
- Lunch / nap
- A lot of Numberblocks
- Built Peppa Pig theatre
- Rainbows Zoom meeting
- Read Enchanted Wood together

- Made rainbow mosaic
- Garden play
- Lunch
- Garden play (paddling pool)
- Made smoothies
- School set work - write a letter to your teacher
- Read Enchanted Wood together

World Bee Day

L: Ted / R: Ivy

L: Daddy / R: Mummy

- School set work - write a letter to a friend
- Walk to post box
- School set work - sketch your favourite fruit
- Lunch
- Garden play (paddling pool)
- Made pizza from scratch for dinner

- School set work - write a letter to yourself
- Garden play
- School set work - Oliver's Vegetables tasks (what part do we eat, where do we find it)
- Lunch
- Long facetime with Nanna
- Garden play (paddling pool)
- School set work - 3D shape hunt

- Seems we had an INSET day as Daddy was off work!