In | #StayAtHome - Week 7

Monday 4th May - Friday 8th May

The weeks seem to be flying by quicker and quicker at the moment - we're most certainly not struggling to fill all this 'spare' time we supposedly have and we most definitely are not bored. We have had a good mix of super busy and super chilled days this week and have really loved having the bank holiday weekend to look forward to too where we spent plenty of time outdoors, chipping away at the garden all together. I had been feeling a teeny bit guilty about our lack of enthusiasm for VE day on Friday - we would have certainly joined in our village street party had the original plan gone ahead but I found the general public's complacency for the lockdown rules this weekend very difficult to watch and I know that keeping ourselves inside and away from everyone and everything was far more important than the 'community spirit' everyone else seemed to be enjoying. Luckily our only (and very amazing and lovely) neighbours were as sensible as we were and we'll have plenty to celebrate with them when this is all over, properly.

- Painted fairy door
- School set work - Billy Goats Gruff story mountain
- Facetime with GG
- Lunch
- Watched In For A Penny all together
- Maths workbook
- Made cookies
- Garden Play
- School set work - draw a flower and label it
- Rainbows Zoom meeting

- Garden play
- Cosmic Kids Yoga
- Made cards to post to friends and family
- Watched Enchanted
- Maths workbook
- Mendi colouring
- Read Enchanted Wood together

- Oti dance lesson - Frozen
- Garden play
- School set work - Billy Goats Gruff story sequencing
- Garden play
- Mendi colouring
- Maths workbook
- Read Enchanted Wood together
- The final super moon of 2020

- Oti dance lesson - Frozen
- School set work -  Billy Goats Gruff character profiles
- Built fairy garden
-  Lunch / nap
- Made broken biscuit cake
- School set work - evergreen and deciduous trees
- School set work - tree bark rubbings
- School set work - flower pressing
- Read Enchanted Wood together

Sunflower progress

Roses by the front door

- Watched Inside The Factory
- 4 Mile Walk!
- Garden play
- Lunch / nap
- Maths workbook
- Facetime with Nanna, Sam and Katie
- Put fairy door out
- Pizza picnic for tea