In | #StayAtHome - Week 5

Monday 20th April - Friday 24th April

Despite feeling a lot more subdued this week, we seemed to all be a great deal more productive, largely helped by Google Classroom reopening and the topics being pretty inline with our own interests. I've tried very hard to remain optimistic about being in lockdown - knowing we are all safe, well fed and so lucky to live where we do has meant I've genuinely enjoyed a lot of this time so far but this week it has really hit me how long this could continue for. I had been using Michael's birthday in June as a good focal point, being the end of our government-recommended 12 weeks but I think I've finally dug my head out the sand and realised that even if the world is starting to phase back to normality by then, Ivy will probably be in the group that will be last to rejoin society and I am just so overwhelmingly sad for her. I just have to keep reminding myself that each day that passes is a step closer back to 'normal', whatever normal will become.

- Watched school 'Welcome Back' video
- Long walk to the Bluebells
- Made smoothies
- Lunch / Nap
- Maths workbook
- Garden play
- Read Charlie and the Glass Elevator together

- Read 2 Little Red Riding Hood stories
- Cosmic Kids Yoga - Alice In Wonderland
- School set work - Little Red Riding Hood story board
- School set work - discuss what we know about time and find clocks around the house
- Walk to post box
- Time Capsule door step portrait
- Lunch / Nap
- School set work - writing o'clock
- School set work - character and setting adjectives

- Garden play
- Watched Inside The Factory - Soup
- School set work - Road Safety videos and poster
- Lunch
- Garden play
- School set work - what does a seed need to grow?
- Planted sunflower seeds
- Made Leek and Potato bake for dinner

- Garden play
- Joe Wicks P.E lesson
- School set work - Little Red Riding Hood character profile
- Facetime GG
- Lunch
- School set work - our town
- Made tray bake cake
- Garden play
- Fish and Chips picnic

After some extremely sad news late Thursday evening, we took a day off school and FaceTimed Uncle Freddie in Australia, rearranged the girls room, got treats from M&S and had a bbq.