In | Me and Mine Project #34

April 2020

The end of April marks the end of the first entire calendar month spent in lockdown. I have to be honest, I am not hating it as much as I feel I should be and I am actually rather enjoying it in many ways. Sure, there are super difficult moments when all three children are being desperately needy all at the same time or when Ivy and Ted decide to be insanely loud the minute I put Elsie down for a nap but for the most part, there are far more good moments than there are bad largely helped by all the glorious sunshine we have had and all the lovely places we've been to safely explore on the walks behind our home. 

Amongst all the lovely moments we have spent together, we have been of course missing our closest friends and family terribly, even more so when we heartbreakingly lost a very special member of our family to cancer on the 23rd which made being so separate from those we love most so, so much harder. I am desperately trying to remember that each day that passes gets us one step closer to those magic moments when we are reunited rather than dwelling on all the time that has been missed.

As you can see, we took part in our friend Jodie's project getting socially-distanced doorstop family portraits (in exchange for a donation to charity) which seem to capture this weird moment in time so perfectly. I'm not sure what's going to happen in May - although restrictions being lifted sounds appealing to some, I do fear it's going to quash what little freedom we have had recently when we really should be following government advice and completely 'shielding' Ivy and not leaving our home at all. Whilst others start to mix again - if they indeed do! - we can only sit and wait and watch what happens. One thing is for certain though, there's nowhere else and no one else I'd rather be doing this with.