In | Ted is Three

Saturday 28th March

'3! Still so little and yet so, so big but without doubt the most amazing little boy in the whole world. What a wonderful year you've had finding your cute little voice and singing all your favourite songs so beautifully, becoming the most incredible big brother to 'bebe owsie', loving your best friends Rora, Sean and Freya, reading us The Gruffalo every single night and refusing to wear anything other than your gruffalo onesie, settling at 'noo house', driving us all completely loopy with your cheeky and determined character but melting our hearts just miliseconds later and most importantly, marching in clapping and shouting 'good boy mummy!' every single time I go for a wee. I love you so so much'

The first of the lock down birthdays - thankfully all he'd asked for was candles and a 'chocolate sprinkle cake' which I just about managed to create for him before we celebrated with a long walk through the farm and sausage and chips for dinner. It might not have been the exciting family-filled weekend we'd hoped but Ted is such a home boy, I think he had the perfect day.