In | #StayAtHome - Week 1

Monday 23rd March - Friday 27th March

We may have been very quiet here as of late but having found ourself in this 'unprecedented' situation of homeschooling for atleast the next 12 weeks due to the schools being closed and Ivy falling into the vulnerable catergory, I thought it would be nice to loosely document what we're doing so we can look back in the weeks and years to come to remind ourselves what we managed to achieve in what are quite weird and worrying times right now.

We chose to pull Ivy out as of Friday 13th March with full support from the school but chose to spend our first week of 'social distancing' at a much slower pace, pretty much 'unschooling' to ease ourselves in to the mad world we were finding ourselves in. By the end of the week, all the schools closed and everyone else found themselves in our boat too so that seemed to be the perfect time to start a more structured routine knowing we'd get lots of work set from her teachers to aid us on our journey. We are no strangers to home-schooling - we do it 1 full day and 2 afternoons a week as well as when we've had to pull her out due to other bugs doing the rounds - but never before on this kind of timescale and definitely not without the option of going out which is usually how we spend our home-ed days. However, I have never been so grateful for our incredible home as there is no where else in the world I'd rather be quarantined than where we are right now. We have plenty of space, indoors and out, lots of lovely learning resources and have even managed to secure those illusive Ocado slots to keep us fed and safe too.

We made a rough plan together of how our days would look (minus any time frames though, just an order) and also wrote a list of things that would happen every day and so far this is working really well. I think the key to this has really been flexibility, making the time as enjoyable as possible and trying not to pressure ourselves into doing too much, though I need to remind myself of this quite regularly.

So here's what we got up to in Week 1:

- Made Teddy a 'Get Well Soon' card (Yep, Ted chose now to get himself a nice UTI)
- Joe Wicks P.E Lesson
- Nap
- Toilet Roll Tube Town
- Lunch
- Little Bus Lotto game with Ted
- Garden play
- Rainbows family tree badge
- Scooter outside
- Cooked pesto pasta with garlic mushrooms
- Read James and the Giant Peach together

- Maddie Moate Youtube video - Bird Watching
- School set work - The Queen
- Read books based on the Queen such as The Queen's Hat, Peppa Goes To London, Queen Miffy
- Long walk around the neighbourhood to drop off a parcel
- Garden play
- Lunch
- Nap
- Wrote a letter to Elsie (a penpal)
- Hung bird house and feeders in the garden and write down any birds seen
- Wander in the lane
- Cooked salmon, rice and vegetables
- Read James and the Giant Peach together

- Cosmic Kids Yoga
- 'In My Garden' factfile
- Walk to postbox to post penpal letter
- Garden Play
- Lunch
- Nap
- Maths sheet
- 'In My Garden' factfile
- Continents quiz on Google Classroom
- Garden play
- Cooked enchiladas
- Finished James and the Giant Peach together

- Maths Sheets
- Shut The Box game for number bonds
- 'Birds' National Geographic programme
- School set work - Timeline Of My Life
- Made packed lunch boxes
- Picnic in the garden
- Nap
- Choir with Nanna on Skype
- Garden play
- Started Fantastic Mr Fox together

- Made dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast
- Dancing with Oti youtube video
- Made Ted a birthday card
- School set work - First Signs Of Spring (we chose flowers)
- Lunch
- Nap
- Made Ted's birthday cake