5 Things | Having Two In Cloth

Winter 2020

Totsbots 'Pop' Peenut Wrap* and Teenyfit*

I'll be honest with you - having two in cloth wasn't really the plan! Ted had just turned 2 when we found out I was pregnant with Elsie and same as we had done with Ivy when we were expecting Ted, the plan was to potty train him, atleast during the day, before our new bundle arrived. But throughout the summer, it was pretty clear Ted wasn't ready as he was so resistant to the potty and I didn't want to force it. We then thought we'd try again in the Autumn but it was then that we decided to move and felt again that it wasn't quite the right time with so much change happening all at once so it became evident we were going to have two in nappies until the time was right for him.

Intially, I found the thought a little bit daunting (though that could just be heightened anxieties I had about everything during my pregnancy!) but so far it has been seamless - although not the full time job I had envisioned. With Ted, we did use Michael's paternity leave in an attempt to potty train again and we finally made substantial progress but we're still using the odd nappy in the day for car journeys, longer trips out and overnight. With Elsie, we decided to buy a few newborn cloth nappies and then use disposables along side them whilst we were in hospital and then getting to grips with her size and fit in the hope we'd then be able to cloth full time when she moved into our main stash.

Even if this isn't a long term thing for us, I still thought I'd share my 5 Things on Having Two In Cloth:

1. Washing
One of the best things about having two in cloth is how easy it is to remain in the swing of the washing routine rather than trying to pick it back up again after a break and certainly doesn't feel like it's any extra work than I was already doing. There is no need to wash their nappies separately so everything is just popped in the machine together and washed as normal. The nappy bucket does get fuller quicker at the moment but as Ted transitions into big boy pants this won't stay like this for long.

2. One Big Stash Vs. Different For Each
In theory, there is no reason why they cannot share the huge stash of BTP (Birth To Potty) nappies we have as they are cleaned so throughly each wash but personally I don't think it's particularly practical unless your two babies are similarly sized or twins etc. Both of them would be in different rises on the nappies (the bit at the front that makes them bigger/smaller) and what brand, shape and boost works for one of them might not really suit the other. Ted is currently in 2 part systems during the day (Close or Totsbots wraps with Peenut pads inside) and Baba and Boo at nighttime where as Elsie has inherited all the Totsbots Easyfit Stars which are AIO's (All In Ones) and the Totsbots Bamboozles as these aren't anywhere near as generous and probably too small for Ted now. I'm already looking forward to Real Nappy Week this year to try out some different brands on Elsie.

3. Council Incentive
I have probably harped on about checking your local council for any incentives in every single nappy post I've done but it is so worth having a look (or encouraging your council to start one if they haven't yet!) Our council incentive is done per child, 2 and under, and not by household so we were able to apply again for £50 cashback on any additional nappies purchased for Elsie despite already having done so for Ted. I was able to claim it back with my MATB1 form so the nappies and money had arrived back with me before she was even earthside! We used this to buy newborn sized nappies this time around so we could use cloth right away.

4. Saving Money
Of course two in cloth means twice the savings! One of the best incentives for starting a cloth journey is the prospect of never spending money on nappies again especially when you use them for more than one baby. On average Ted would be in 5 nappies a day and Elsie 10 at this newborn stage so forking out for 15 nappies a day would be extortinate! rather than the 2 or 3 we're buying to supplement Elsie's newborn reusuable stash whilst she's pooping so often. Once she's fully in BTP we'll never have to buy another nappy again (although I will, as I have zero self control when it comes to new releases!)

5. Matching Bums
Well, it's certainly no secret that I love a bit of twinning and I've now been able to take it to a whole new level. There is nothing cuter than matching fluffy bottoms and if that's not enough of a reason to start using cloth nappies then I don't know what is!