In | Me and Mine Project #32

31st December 2019

Well hasn't a lot happened this month? Within the last 3 weeks we have moved house, celebrated Ivy's 6th birthday and brought a whole new person into the world - all before Christmas! So I hope that may begin to explain our abscence in part.

So how did this come to be the busiest and most life-changing month ever?

As mentioned in our 'Preparing for Three' post, I had lost sight of the number of times people had asked when we would be moving house since our pregnancy announcement and seeing as I loved our home so, so much, I was getting pretty tired of defending our decision to stay put. But it turns out life had other ideas and in Mid-October, I was forced to eat my own words when a lot of stars aligned all at the same and our dream property became available. We knew it was totally bonkers to up and move before the baby arrived (in the middle of winter, around Ivy's birthday, with Christmas in the mix as well) but we knew we wouldn't get this opportunity again and I truly believe this was meant to be for us. I am still absolutely beside myself with excitement every time I pull up in the drive - we have a house much bigger than we'd ever imagined ourselves living in, off a private lane in a village we'd always wanted to live in (after missing out on a property here when we first moved to Hertfordshire) with an enormous garden and I couldn't wish for a better home to raise our children.

Before the move, I was feeling overwhelmingly emotional about leaving our first home - the first place I had truly been able to call mine. We got our keys there just days before Ivy's Fontan and it's  where we bought her home to, it was the address on my little boy's birth certificate and I am slightly devastated that our last little addition will never be able to call it home. Those 4 walls had been my resounding comfort through the worst moments of my life but have also seen the most amazing times with all the people I love most in this world too but we instantly felt a new and better kind of settled in our new place and I still can't believe we're here.

I can't quite believe Elsie is here either. It seems just days ago that I got my second little line on approximately 10 pregnancy tests and now she is here in my arms. The end of the pregnancy was hectic to say the least, we weekly appointments to make sure she was doing ok and so the decision for her to be induced at 38 weeks was made just days before the move which meant we were well prepared to have a babe in time for Christmas. Elsie Jenny June arrived at 14.17pm on Christmas Eve and without doubt is the best present I have ever recieved. A very content spitting image of her brother who has filled a hole in our hearts like she has always been here.

I have taken a huge step back from all platforms of social media in the last year because I have finally realised I have absolutely everything I could ever need right in front of me and I guess I don't feel the need to validate it online anymore. I never in a million years believed I could be this content, that Ivy would ever be this well, that I would ever have made a family half as good as the one I have with someone as 'wicked' as Michael and I want to enjoy and appreciate every moment that life stays like this.

So, here's to new beginnings, in our new home and with little Elsie too. If I ever believe it's all real!