Holiday | Disneyland Paris

Saturday 21st September - Tuesday 24th September

After what felt like no time at all, it was time for our 'make-up trip' to Disneyland Paris after our less than perfect trip back in February. This time though, it was Girls Only heading off on the Eurostar to the most magic place on earth. When we arrived at Disney Village, we headed for dinner at McDonalds before getting our heads down at the Vienna Magic Circus Hotel (or 'The Greatest Showman hotel' as Ivy called it) for the night before truly starting our holiday the next day.

Sunday - Hotel Cheyenne
We woke up early on Nanna's Birthday(!) and headed for our Disney Hotel, Hotel Cheyenne. This was our first ever stay at this hotel and it's Wild West and Toy Story theme went down a treat with all three of us. Then after a quick breakfast in Starbucks we headed to the Park, finally!

The novelty of walking up Main Street to the castle has never worn off for me, and I always become overwhelmed with excitement. We went straight over to Fantasyland, my personal favourite, and got straight on a ride - Pinnochio - before seeing the main guy himself and numerous other wonderful characters wandering around. We also managed to get on It's A Small World before lunch too!

Auberge De Cendrillon
This was the main reason I was so desperate to return to Disney and seemed like the perfect way to celebrate Nanna's birthday - fine dining with her princess-mad granddaughter. And it certainly lived up to my expectations! We had the most delicious food and got to meet Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel as well as mice Suzy and Perla and the interactions were so beautiful I spent most of the meal in tears! Memories which will last a lifetime.

Annoyingly whilst we were eating, the rain hit Paris and we sought shelter in Aladdins Passage in Adventureland before Ivy declared she wanted to ride on Pirates Of The Carribean with Nanna. I'm not sure she enjoyed it anywhere near as much as she thought she might but I was so proud of her for going on something new without any fear. We then caught the last ever Pride Lands parade before the season finished that day and then shopped on Main St whilst Ivy had a little sleep.

Stars On Parade
Having been to Disneyland Paris a fair few times in recent years, I was determined to seek out as many new things as possible on this trip and that included viewing the Parade from a direction we'd never seen before. The rain held off for us to see all our favourite characters before heading back to our hotel room for cheese toasties and an early night ready for the following day

We got up nice and early to enjoy our best day weather-wise and kicked off the day with the character meet in our hotel - Pluto! - and a Starbucks of course before heading down to the parks and starting with our most favourite ride, Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast. With the Lion King Festival now over, Halloween seemed to have sprung up over night which was super exciting so we continued the creepy theme by going to see the Dragon Under The Castle and Snow White's Evil Step Mother. We then headed to the back of Fantasyland to the Storyboats and Casey Junior before heading back through the castle to see the story of Sleeping Beauty in the stain glass windows and then to our meet and greet with Donald Duck.

Next, we decided to do Frontierland, starting with the Thunder Mesa Boat Ride around Big Thunder Mountain and then experiencing newly refurbed Phantom Manor (making sure to listen to the beating heart in the tomb on the way out!) As we continued through this side of the park, we loved the Coco themed decorations (also out for halloween!) and had a lovely lunch at the Cowboy Cookout and even managed to see our favourite cowboy there too! Then it was time to go back to the hotel for a nap via a second trip through Adventureland to find Carl and Mr Fredrikson and another wander through Aladdin's passage way and a ride down Main St. in the Paddy Wagon for Ivy and Nanna.

For our last evening meal, Ivy chose the Rainforest Cafe (whilst Mummy and Nanna chose cocktails/Mocktails!) and we got in some shopping and another ride on It's A Small World before settling down to wait for the fireworks which was even more spectacular than I can remember it being two years ago and such a perfect way to end our final evening.

And just like that, we were all packed and ready for our last few hours in the parks before heading home. We were thrilled to meet the main man himself in our hotel in the morning and then decided to spend some time in the Walt Disney Studios Park although Ivy decided against any rides! We did however catch the highly-anticapted Mickey and The Magician show which most certainly lived up to it's hype and I am so glad we saw it as it was certainly one of my favourite bits of the trip. We also managed to find a sought after Mickey-shaped waffle which was even tastier than it looked! With a small amount of time left before our train, we chose to do all our favourites one last time so went back into the main park and raced through the rain to do Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast (which I finally managed to beat Nanna!), grab a hot dog at Casey's, wander through the hidden walkway that keeps you dry from the front to the back of the park and met Aladdin and Jasmine - the best meet and greet we had all trip! We finished off our magical holiday with another ride on It's A Small World before heading home on the Eurostar to be reunited with our favourite boys.

I don't think I'll ever not love Disneyland Paris and Ivy was just at the most beautiful and perfect age to soak in all the magic it truly has to offer and as ever, I hope it's not too long before we come back.