5 Things | Preparing For Three

Autumn 2019

You'd think third time around, and already having one of each flavour, would mean that we should have absolutely everything we could possibly need for this little bebe and for the most part, we absolutely do - there's no long list of essentials that needs ticking off (though Mamalina has a fab blog here about why that isn't necessary anyway!) but I certainly don't feel quite ready yet!

The good thing is I do have a good sense of knowing what we'd actually use as a family which has allowed me the time to source most of that second hand if possible but with this almost definitely being our last, there is a certain overwhelming pressure to do everything I want to that I didn't get a chance to do either of the other times without being ridiculous and knowing that whatever's bought for this baby will not be passed down to any more of our own children - and thats just physical prep. Despite many third time mums telling me that the third just slots right in and much easier than going from one to two as you're used to juggling your time, I still cannot help but worry that there is going to be THREE of them and we are now going to be outnumbered! So it's naturally been quite an emotional process too.

Anyway! In-between the chaos of looking after the other two, here is how we're preparing for three:

1. Cloth Nappies
This was the big one for me this time around as we didn't start using cloth with Ted until he was a little older but I really cannot imagine going back to disposables full-time. We have built up quite the stash of Birth-To-Potty nappies which should fit from approx 12lbs (I think!) but I'd like to try and get into the swing of it before then, especially if we're still using nappies with Ted so have got a little collection of little newborn nappies too. We have mostly opted for Totsbots Teenyfits* as we have got on so well with the bigger Easyfits so well from day one.

You can buy the brand new Totsbots patterns here and use code AMYROSE10 for 10% off your nappies 

2. Our Home
We currently live in a big 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom flat and I've lost sight of the number of times we've been asked when we're going to move and the answer is no time soon! The living area is much larger than if we were to move to a house and our very spacious second bedroom is bigger than bedrooms 2 and 3 combined in a traditional 3-bed in our area. We're on the ground floor, pretty much next door to my lovely in-laws and a stones throw away from Ivy's school so for now, we're more than happy here. Ted has been served his eviction notice from our room and into the space in Ivy's that was lovingly curated for him whilst I was pregnant that time around and Ivy is about to have her share upgraded with a grown-up girls cabin bed to create even more space in there.

3. Little Blue Nest Swaddle Muslins
These were a 'best find' when I had Ted - the biggest, softest and most versatile muslins we have ever had! Ted was a really sicky baby and these were large enough to go over moses basket sheets, pram bassinet mattress and the sleepyhead but much easier to whip off and chuck in the machine but also the perfect sleep-time cover in the warmer months and could be thrown down absolutely anywhere to let him have a stretch out on the floor. Despite being washed daily, the muslins we have of Ted's still look brand new so we have treated ourselves to a couple more for this baby (shop here)

4. Car Seats
These have been the most important purchases this time around as we are hoping to get three across the back of the car that we already have until a more natural time to upgrade the car. In order to do this we're booked into the In Car Safety Centre in Milton Keynes to get them all kitted out as safely as possible.

5. Heart
Three years ago I was worrying about not loving my boy as much as I loved Ivy - It's safe to say I have been utterly besotted with him ever since I first laid eyes on him so why on earth am I going through the same emotions now this time around? This pregnancy has been so very different to the other two and despite trying to do things at a much slower pace, it has managed to go even faster and I am desperately trying to cling on to enjoying what's left of it knowing that it probably wont ever happen again. Whoever and whatever you are little bebe I cannot deny I am already so unbelievably excited to meet you and add you to the crazy house

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