5 Things | Jojo Maman Bebe Maternity Must-Haves

Saturday 7th September

You'd think with this being my third pregnancy, I'd be pretty clued up at how to dress by now but having been so wrapped up in the fashion world when I had Ivy, I didn't buy a single item of maternity wear and then spending the majority of my pregnancy with Teddy in hospital with Ivy and my self-confidence taking a huge hit, I was determined to feel like me, comfortably, throughout this time around.

Jojo Maman Bebe kindly invited me along to their Maternity VIP session in store to get kitted out - this is a free and quite frankly fabulous service where you get a one-on-one appointment with a lovely and knowledgable member of their staff at your local store to guide you through their Maternity wear and newborn essentials and then you get to go home with a goody-bag and 15% of your maternity purchases on the day too, all of which I found so, so helpful.

Here's my Jojo Maman Bebe Maternity Must-Haves:

1. Maternity Bra
As part of the service, you are offered a bra-fitting by a fully-trained assistant and this was the top of my agenda having spent the last couple of weeks in agony with my current underwear selection. With weaning Teddy and getting pregnant actually overlapping, I had no idea what size I was or what it was I wanted or needed so after being measured, I was brought a huge variety to try on and was made sure each fitted properly until I found what I was after. As well as stocking a fab range of their own brand bras (most of which are discounted if you buy two), Jojo also offer super popular brands Bravado and Emma Jane which in my opinion were very much worth their higher price tag, something I would never have known if it wasn't for the service.

Shop all Maternity Bras here
Shop my exact bra here*

2. Over The Bump Jeans
After having two cheap pairs of under-bump maternity jeans with Ted which I spent the whole pregnancy annoyingly hoisting up, I swiftly got rid and vowed I wouldn't bother if I fell pregnant again. But I was convinced by the lovely Fiona to give these a go and they just had to come home with me. They are so comfy and so versatile, if I were to suggest only one maternity item it would most definitely be these. Jojo stock a wide range of leg styles and washes so you're guaranteed to find something that works for you.

Shop all Maternity Jeans here
Shop my exact pair here*

3. Dungarees
It was Jojo that came to the rescue in my style-crisis with Ted (which you can read all about here) and these dungarees were a huge part of that - so much so I kept hold of them! Dungas form the majority of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe so it's nice to have something that feels so me and is also sooo comfortable and practical for those first few weeks feeding too.

Shop all Maternity Dungarees here (they come in black now!)
Shop my exact pair here*

4. Feeding-Friendly Tops
Having always got by with my pre-pregnancy over-sized tees and jumpers, I wasn't aware of all the fancy ways you can discreetly get your boob out in Jojo's selection of tops designed for 9 months and beyond. Everything is super soft and well made but you can choose your access point from poppers on the shoulder, cleverly over-lapping materials and side split sweaters. I didn't quite find what I was looking for in store (you may know I'm not a very grey person!) but found the perfect bright yellow breton jumper and plenty of patterened dresses to wear over my new jeans online.

Shop all Maternity Tops here

5. 'Maternity' Coat and Babywearing Panel
The best thing about Jojo coats is yes, they are designed to suit you during your pregnancy but with a double zip option, it looks just as fab pre and post pregnancy too so you're not spending money on something that's unlikely to be needed for the following winters. I was also shown this absolutely fab panel that you can zip into ANY coat if you're planning on wearing your little one in a sling which is fleece lined and waterproof which at £29 I think is a total steal! I needed this with Ted and I ended up purchasing this myself separately from the Maternity VIP service today!

Shop the Parka here
Shop the Babywearing Panel Here

A huge thank you to Jojo Maman Bebe for having me in their St. Albans store and to Fiona and Lauren for being so kind, chatty and helpful throughout the whole appointment.

You can find more information and book yourself in to a Maternity VIP appointment here

I was kindly invited along to the Maternity VIP appointment by the Jojo Maman Bebe Press Team and was given a giftcard to spend on the day in exchange for coverage of the experience on our social media channels. Please rest assured that I did not purchase anything I wouldn't have happily paid for myself and all words and opinions are entirely my own. Jojo Maman Bebe was a favourite of mine long before we worked in partnership with them and I feel honoured to be able to tell you all about such a great service.