In | Ted On The 28th

March 2018 - February 2019

Not entirely sure how I'm pulling together the second installment of #TedOnThe28th already but here we are and going back through these has really made me appreciate the fact I've kept it up. Ted get's a lot of 'second child' stereotypes thrust upon him so I'm glad I've managed to establish a little tradition just for him and I have a lovely way capturing him in that particular moment of time which I feel is even more important with him as he's just growing up quicker than I can cope with!

28th March 2018
And just like that, you are a whole year old. It doesn't seem a second since we found out we were having you but equally I cannot really remember life without you in it beautiful boy. You are wild and unstoppable in the most magic of ways and your wide cheeky grin and woody-woodpecker laugh have filled a void in my heart that I never knew I had. Thank you for being the best little boy in the whole wide world my little nutter butter, happy birthday x

28th April 2018
Moving aside from the fact it's already been a month since his birthday (argh!) today's #TedOnThe28th inidicates the start of something new for us - we've finally taken the plunge and given cloth a go! even just swapping out 2 nappies a day will save over 800 of Ted's nappies going to landfill somewhere and as he spends most of life in the house in a nappy only, these are farrr more pleasant to look at aren't they? I already wish I'd had the courage to do it sooner but not knowing anyone IRL who's used reusable nappies and the absolute mindfield of choice out there has put me off but always better late than never x

28th May 2018
Ted's likes at 14 months: Elmer, turning the dial up on the oven, watching cars, the toilet brush, saying no, 'roh-roh' (row your boat), climbing up things he shouldn't, dogs and mini milks. Ted's dislikes at 14 months: Everyone. Turning into such a strong-willed little character (read, trouble) but your massively cheeky grin gets you forgiven in seconds and I don't half love you for it. Promise to dress you in something other than this romper next month.

28th June 2018
15 months old - you will find us here on long summer nights with Jess and Charlotte (who Ted has finally decided he does love), usually because the flat's hot and he won't go to bed and wearing him out is an impossible task. Wouldn't have it any other way

28th July 2018
Only one thing to mention in this month's #TedOnThe28th and that is 'AHHH DUH HEE' - the first words he uttered as he wakes up in the morning and the last thing he does before he goes to bed. Our saviour through the pox and the latest programme I'd happily never ever watch again

28th August 2018
17 months going on 17. I must feel it every time but I'm pretty sure he's grown up far more than he should have this month? From his new found 'mamaaaa' where he wants something to his epic dance routine that he does every time he hears some music, you can tell he is definitely not a baby anymore (even if he still feeds and sleeps terribly like one)

28th September 2018
Half way through another year with you. Ted's 6m photo was in a 2-piece set and the day we changed his Tripp Trapp into the high chair so of course this year he also needed to be in a 2-piece set and the day we've taken the high chair bits away cos he's been climbing into it himself for weeks now

28th October 2018
when your son wakes up looking even bigger every morning, the only way to make him look tiny is by putting him in a big boy bed. After climbing to Ivy's bed to read at nighttime we felt it was right to get him his own little space to read Meg and Mog in the hope he may begin to actually sleep for longer than 90 minutes but alas, no

28th November 2018
I thought I'd forgotten to do Ted's #TedOnThe28th picture this month then realised I'd captured this beaut which was simply perfect. This month, we made quite a big decision to start weaning him. This boy has been so boob dependent from about 20 minutes after birth and it had got to a stage where he was still trying to feed like a newborn and I was very ready to stop entirely. With very gentle encouragement, he now feeds first thing (occassionally), post-nap (sometimes), bed time and through the night which probably seems like a lot still but it is a massive difference to us and I am so proud of how well he has coped. He's now eating more and sleeping in his own bed for the first bit of the night and more importantly I think he sees me as more 'mummy' than 'food' - he knows we can spend lovely time together without my tit in his mouth and I am just loving all the new special bonds we're creating. Ps, also a million percent cheekier this month, who knew that was possible?

28th December 2018
There was no better present than spending Christmas with you and your sister at Center Parcs this week. Seeing your face in the splash area of the pool and opening your gifts and spending all of daddy's money on that bloody Peppa rocket was pure magic

28th January 2019
This is Ted's 'CHEEEEESE' face! So many new words this month, favourite being 'ut oh!' and certainly loves testing his boundaries (like seeing how close he can get when he's been told to stop doing something) We've moved from Duggee and Ben and Holly to Mr Tumble and Teletubbies and cut out all day time snookie but despite all the big boy changes we've been through recently, you still wont let us sleep.

28th February 2019
This was meant to be in front of the 'NAHNAH' but alas, Ted's most excitable bit of life at the moment is the pics of the fruit and veg outside the coop, closely followed by planes, trains, emergency vehicles and McDonald's milkshakes. I am a million times not ready for you to turn two yet