In | Ivy's Reading Corner: Four Seasons

March 2019

Happy World Book Day! I couldn't think of a more perfect day to share our first Reading Corner post of 2019 and we have decided to celebrate the whole year as such to start! It's felt like we've experienced all of the seasons within the last month, so it seems even more ideal to share our favourite stories that are based around Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, some of which blur the lines between fact and fiction.

1. Nature's Day by Kay Maguire
Learn all you could possibly need to know about the Nature at a young age (or old! I've learnt things!) with this incredible book that teaches children about the outdoor world around them through each of the seasons. There are so many interesting facts nested amongst these pages and the most beautiful illustrations to go along with them that makes this book is perfect to sit and go through with both Ivy and Ted. 

2. Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go by Patricia Hegarty
This has been my most favourite recent buy. Watch how one tree changes over the year and share with its owl inhabitant all the joys of what each season has to offer. This book is truly beautiful.

3. The Weather Girls by Aki (Delphine Mach)
Ivy has told me she wished she was a weather girl! And in her little yellow duffle she isn't far off becoming one. Join this girl gang on all their 'whatever the weather' adventures as they have fun in the sun, snow and all that's inbetween. This book has the cutest rhyming verse but ends in fab seasonal facts too. It has everything!

4. The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame
I always love to include a timeless classic in these round ups and it doesn't get more timeless than The Wind In The Willows! This is the first chapter book I ever had the pleasure of sharing with Ivy and I am pleased to say she has fallen in love with it as much as I am. The beautiful and seasonal illustrations of this edition are the perfect accompany to one of the world's best ever tales.

5. A Year In Percy's Park by Nick Butterworth
And we had to end with another old favourite! Enjoy 4 perfect short stories with Percy The Park Keeper, each one set in each of the four seasons.