Out | Anglesey Abbey

Sunday 3rd February 2019

Ivy Wears: Let Me Be Your Fancy Tea Bonnet, Little Bird Puddlesuit, Boden Hoody, Little Bird Leggings, Little Bird Wellies
Ted Wears: Let Me Be Your Fancy Tea Bonnet, Little Green Radicals Suit, Little Bird Wellies, Inch Blue Shoes* 

Everyone has to have their go-to place where you can shut off for a few hours to enjoy just your company and your immediate surroundings and Anglesey Abbey is firmly cementing itself as not only that, but as one of my favourite ever places in the world. Having discovered this gem over the summer and several visits since, we are learning what this estate has to offer through all four seasons and even in minus temperatures, it did not disappoint. People come from great distances to see Anglesey Abbey's snowdrops and you can see why - with two stunning walks to do around the grounds to see the most of these first signs of Spring, we even managed to stumble across Lode Mill for the first time too which all made for a extra lovely Sunday.

Due to the popularity of the snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey, National Trust have advised that you arrive at 9.30 or after 1.30 if you can only visit at weekends as it gets extremely busy. If possible, try and get there in the week.