In | Me and Mine Project #28

January 2019

January tends to be a drawn-out, grey and miserable affair but I'm going to be honest, I've really enjoyed this past month! I made myself an unrealistic amount of resolutions for 2019 that I've unbelievably managed to stick to and don't I feel good about it! I made a vow to stop spending money unnecessarily (most notably on clothes) and I didn't even cave during the Little Bird launch and I promised myself I'd continue the steps I'd been making with my self-care and I've managed to join (and love) a yoga class once a week, I'm maintaining a proper skincare routine whilst practicing the art of makeup and attempting to get my 10,000 steps in a each day. With the reintroduction of a proper term-time routine, I've even allowed myself to get sucked into the Konmari hype, keep the house clean by using The Organised Mum Method and for the first time in years. I genuinly feel in control of my life and very content - fingers crossed it stays like that a little while!

Between the day-to-day stuff, we've spent some really lovely days out in London (one without any children!) and have been trying to get out on a family walk once a weekend to blow away the cobwebs and this month's photo is from one of those such walks.