In | Ivy is Five

Sunday 9th December

Ivy's birthday's are always really emotional for me but none more so than this one. Not only was I struggling to come to terms with the fact she had reached her 5th birthday at all (that crucial age they use for heartbreaking statistics), but for the third year in a row, we didn't quite get the special day I was longing to give her which seems unbelievably unfair after all she has been through in her 5 years - no one deserved the best-day-ever more than Ivy did. Sadly, we ended up spending the entirety of her actual birthday in our local hospital. The staff were amazing and of course tried to lift our spirits (and even very kindly gave her a present) but having spent her 3rd birthday also in hospital, her 4th birthday party being cancelled due to snow, I was pretty devastated at the way things had panned out, especially as she was asking to go home for her special breakfast and quietly told me, 'This hasn't been the best birthday' which broke my heart even more.

Once she was home, we managed to convince her it hadn't really been her birthday at all and it was in fact the following day - we laid out her table for her to find just as she would have done, we cooked the breakfast she had been begging for and we put on a little party spread even without the guests. It wasn't the super duper day we had planned but it was all kinds of special in it's own way and I thank every atom in this universe that we were able to celebrate it at all and as ever, I will strive to make sure every day is filled with all the love and happiness I could possibly ever give her.