In | Ivy's Reading Corner: Christmas Books

December 2018

One of my favourite ever things about Christmas is the excitement of getting the festive season's stories out. We pack them away for the other 11 months so they come up fresh every time but this year, we did buy a few new ones to put under the tree when it went up on December the 1st - a new tradition I hope to implement, especially as both these babies love nothing more than books. With a rather large box full of books that we'd happily pop in this Christmas edition of Ivy's reading corner, the only way for me to whittle them down to five was by letting Ivy herself choose what to feature. As always, she has picked perfectly.

1. Ivy's Christmas At The North Pole by Penwizard
Christmas is all about the magic when you have children and there is nothing more special than seeing them enjoy their gifts year after year. This is our 4th year out of this personalised Ben and Holly story and it is still very much Ivy's favourite Christmas book. You decide what your character will look like at point of purchase and 'Ivy' is included throughout the tale on every page. Seeing as Ted is becoming an even bigger B&H fan than his sister, I'm certain we'll be acquiring a second one of these amazing books sometime soon.

2. The Story of Christmas illustrated by Helen Dardik
It just so happened that someone was chosen to be Mary in this year's nativity (and was excellent at it too!) and this brought us to the realisation we didn't actually own a copy of the Christmas story! To prepare her for her role, I wanted a simple and easy to understand version of the story and this fit the bill perfectly with it's bright and bold illustrations making it a very easy choice. 

3. How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
Ivy has recently entered into the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss (and has subsquently fallen in love with rhyming) so this was a natural addition to our collection this year. There is a reason this story has been loved for so many years - as well as a second film to watch too - and it's classic christmas message is possibly my personal favourite. ''Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!''

4. We're Going On An Elf Chase by Martha Mumford
New out this year, We're Going On An Elf Chase is a lovely seasonal version of the classic 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' and the perfect follow up to Mumford's Easter adventure, 'We're Going On An Egg Hunt' both of which are favourite's here. Follow the cutest little bunnies in this lift-the-flap book on their trail past the winter animals until they get to Santa's workshop. Let's hope they get home and to sleep before the sleigh passes their house.

5. The Christmas Eve Tree by Delilah Huddy
If you only buy one book this festive season, you must make sure it's this one. The beautifully illustrated tale of the homeless boy who rescues a less than perfect tree and ignites the Christmas spirit in London and for every single reader. 

And for the toddlers! We bought Ted Christmas versions of his every day favourites (Meg and Mog and Jane Foster most especially) all of which we can highly recommend and a welcome break from the standard versions that we have read endlessly.