In | Me and Mine Project #26

October 2018

As if it's November - whattt? We are certainly hurtling at full-speed towards the end of the year now but I'm not sure if I'm ready! If 2018 hadn't gone quickly enough, these final weeks between Halloween and New Year always gather extra pace and my main aim is to try and soak up all those moments - something I feel I have finally got my head around in October having distanced myself from social media and focused my attention on the real world.

October has always been a favourite of mine - sunny autumnal days, novelty coffees, pumpkin picking and conker hunting have always warmed my heart unlike any other time of year. The month had a rocky start and we seemed to have been plagued with minor illnesses all month however we scraped through to a long-awaited half term and it has hands down been the best week of the year for me. I took all pressure off of myself to do 'things' with the kids and tried to just appreciate having both my babies at home and we did just that - crafting, baking, walks and just simply playing catch up on outstanding bits of life admin have dramatically changed my increasingly anxious mood.

Other wonderful things of note this month - we bought a big boy bed for Ted which is all kinds of crazy (still no better at sleeping but he will go in it!), I was incredibly lucky to invited to the theatre in London with Penguin books to celebrate Matilda's 30th Birthday which was the furthest and latest I'd left the kiddos but it was just amazing and Michael and I have got much better at sneaking off for the odd hour to spend some well-deserved time to ourselves (thanks to Nanna and Grandad) but we finished off the half week all together at the St Albans fireworks and I feel ready to see the year as spectacularly and happily.