Out | Southend-On-Sea

Thursday 30th August

Ivy Wears: All Boden*
Ted Wears: Boden Jumper, Boden Dungarees, Inch Blue Shoes*

Having grown up right in the middle of the country, we didn't have the luxury of last minute trips to the beach so when we had one last day of the holidays as a 3 going spare - and having realised just how easy it was to get to during our first little taster at the start of the summer (here) - I couldn't resist bringing the kids back to Southend-On-Sea. Whilst our first trip had been based around meeting friends, I wanted to see all the good old-fashioned seaside tat that Southend had to offer and I loved every blimmin' second of it. We rode the train on the longest pier in the country, we changed a quid each into 2ps and we topped it off with a very literal cherry by having milkshakes in Bobby-Jo's. After the highs of Feastival and the school anxiety settling in, I needed the sea air this week and I could not have had a more perfect day with my babies (even if I didn't win any Rick 'n' Morty soft toys)