In | Me and Mine Project #25

September 2018

September has definitely been the quickest month ever (do I say this every month? I feel like I do) and I feel this whole year has passed us by in the blink of an eye so far. It's been quite an overwhelming month for me trying to adjust to a very different life with Ivy now at school and although I had been worried and anxious in the lead up to the start, I wasn't expecting the sadness to linger as long as it has done and only this week have a begun to feel we're making positive steps forward. Ivy loves school but is already struggling with the physical aspects. She is only on half days currently but is still too tired to participate in anything much after lunch and by Friday is totally and utterly shattered and unbelievably emotional. School have been incredible with communicating their thoughts and feelings with her best interests at heart so it looks like we may be officially embarking on Flexi-schooling for her to try and get more of a balance in place for us all.

Ted tends to sleep for most of Ivy's school hours but certainly needs it as he's learning so much at the moment. He turned 18 months this week (again, where has that time gone!) and has been treating us to new words and sounds, solving puzzles and toys and testing every boundary possible. He also found the new routine hard to adjust to, screaming as we dropped Ivy off at the school gates and reverting back to endless breastfeeding but as annoying as this has been, it is adorable to see how much he misses his best buddy and how much he loves his big sister.

We have managed to get a fair few National Trust visits in this month in this gorgeous Aumtunal sunshine (and not so gorgeous downpours) and have even found time for a few sneaky beers with Michael on our own! which have very much kept my sanity in tact. Of course, though, our favourite day was spent with my 5 very best people all together at Waddesdon Manor. The love I have for these people will always supersede anything else going on in my life and I feel so lucky to have them all by my side.