In | Ivy's Reading Corner: Starting School

August 2018

In 2 days time - my beautiful baby will be starting school. In between the uniform shopping for her and secret sobbing from me, we have spent the summer reading books in order to prepare her for the big change. Lots of these books we already owned and I carefully picked out on the nights it was my turn to choose but I did buy a couple of others to supplement and to get her even more excited. It has been the perfect way to discuss with her what she will do at school (she could not be happier to be having lunch there!) and hopefully aid an easy transition now she knows that to expect.

1. First Experiences by Usbourne
This book has totally captured Ivy's attention for some time now with 9 short-stories about important firsts, so much so we had to replace my old copy that she originally had as she was reading it so often it was becoming a bit tatty. As well as starting school, this gorgeous book covers flying, staying in hospital, a new sibling and many other important scenarios children may find themselves in. The simple text and thought-provoking (and often humerous) illustrations will spark plenty of chat with your child as you explore each story and it will always be a book we refer back to throughout her childhood as it's needed.

2. Starting School by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
The Ahlberg's are another long-term love of both mine and Ivy's and this book is so unbelievably relevant for us both now too. This book is full of lovely short words so perfect for a beginner reader and suitable for Ivy to read without me too and gives indepth accounts of the first day, the second day, the first and then up until the Christmas holidays. Using the classe's names regularly reminds me of Ivy when I ask her who she's played with and she recites the same name in the same order everyday the huge variety of activities mentioned means school sounds so fun to any 5 year old. Although some elements may be old-fashioned, this adds to the charm of the book and as always with the Ahlberg's, the illustrations are simply perfect.

3. Miffy at School by Dick Bruna
We love a good Miffy book and proud to say we probably own most of them! With a character, illustrations and story set-up that Ivy has been familiar with since she was first born, I felt this was an excellent choice when it came to introducing the topic of school. Miffy spends her day at school doing typical lessons like maths, art, outdoor play and story time which I know if Miffy's keen, Ivy will be too

4. Lucy and Tom At School by Shirley Hughes
Another classic and a more honest story of Lucy's first day of school and the effect it has on her little brother Tom. I felt this fit in perfectly to explain Ted's side of this life adjustment too although we love Shirley Hughes so much, it was a very easy choice when looking for school stories.

5. Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
Not strictly school I know but just a gorgeous tale about 3 baby owls who are missing their mummy and the emotions and thoughts they feel when she is not there. Other than her very short stint at nursery 2 mornings a week, Ivy has never been apart from me and although I have every faith that she is going to be happy and confident with her new found independence, I wanted to ensure she knows that whenever she needs me, I will be there - 'You knew I'd come back'

big thanks to my shoot assistant, Charlotte