Wardrobe | School Uniform

Summer 2018

5 summers ago, I was sat in Fetal Cardiology being told the future was uncertain for my baby girl. This week, I bought her school uniform ready for Reception Class this September. We have been through so much to get to this point and yet at the same time, half a decade has gone by in a flash but seeing as our journey has always been accompanied by Ivy's exceptional wardrobe, I felt it appropriate to mark this next, and very emotional, clothing chapter too.

My own school uniform was always purchased from Marks and Spencer's and with them being the more ethically produced pieces on the high street and free delivery on uniform orders, I felt it right to follow in my own mum's footsteps. I didn't find many items that much more expensive than the supermarkets (especially if using the frequently available 20% Sparks discount) but I did find them much better quality and managed to pick up school logo embroidered pieces very cheaply second hand from one of Ivy's nursery buddies which evened the total-spend out nicely.

For the many medical reasons (mainly diuretic/toilet use) trousers were a no go area for us practically and due to the nature of Ivy's fluid retention, we have struggled with skirts in recent years and tend to steer clear of those too. I had had my eyes on these here - which are 2 for £10 - but we found so many amazing dress options in M&S that it made sense to stick to comfort and ease for her. With this cardigan over the top it doesn't look that different anyway! We chose our favourite 4 together - all utterly gorgeous in their own right but also stain and water resistant - and although I am a massive anxious mess about the whole situation, I am so excited to see her head off into her new world each day wearing them.

Ivy's clothes have always been a massive part of her identity with outfits that allow her wonderfully colourful nature to shine through and although I fully back the reasoning behind school uniforms, I want her to continue to choose her own appearance and be confident in showing off her own style. We're lucky in the sense that Ivy's uniform is red polos with navy and/or grey which gives us plenty of opportunity to inject some colour into her everyday wear in the form of socks and tights and lots of choice when it comes to dress styles.

'Take My Picture Up Close!'

The easiest way to sneak in some fun though is with cheeky accessories - arguably the most exciting bit about uniform shopping! Cool coats, hairclips to keep the unruly fringe at bay, a lucky little pin* and a brand new school backpack* all adding to that unique sense of style without too many limitations. I had a Kipling bag for school back in the day so sending Ivy in with her own little monkey makes me feel so nostalgic.

We did, however, have to sneak in some proper Little Bird and I couldn't resist buying this Gingham dress in the sale as an alternative dress for her nursery summer term (and hopefully it's warm enough for those first few weeks in September too)

Is your little one starting school in September? I hope you enjoy your uniform shopping as much as we have

We were very generously given a gift card by Marks and Spencer's to purchase Ivy's uniform and items purchased with this have been marked using an asterisk, just as all our gifted clothing is. Anything not marked with an asterisk was purchased by ourselves. We were given no instruction as to what to buy with the gift card or what to say in this blog post so as ever, all choices, words and opinions are entirely our own. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.