Out | Peppa Pig World

Friday 3rd August

Ivy Wears: Little Bird Dress, Boden Socks, Primark Trainers
Ted Wears: Mothercare Bodysuit, Mini Rodini Leggings, Little Bird Romper, Inch Blue Shoes

We've all heard the radio ads - this year sees a 'bigger and better' Peppa Pig World and me, being the biggest PPW fan possibly ever, couldn't wait to see if these bold claims were true and they most definitely are. After going 3 times in very quick succession before Ivy's Fontan (see here), it was genuinely a treat to see how well the park had expanded and how customer feedback had been implicated. With 2 new excellent rides, so many more opportunities for meet and greets and all the extra pedestrianised space, this very popular section of Paultons Park felt less busy than it had done during term-time visits. The exceptionally warm weather certainly slowed our pace for the day but we still managed to get in lots of things we'd previously not done before including the two newbies, the indoor softplay, tractors, wave runner and the muddy puddles splash park but with two Peppa Pig fanatics and a Daddy who enjoyed it far more than I ever thought he would, we're already planning our return when it's a tad cooler so we can maybe, just maybe, see what else the theme park has to offer (who am I kidding I could stay in just the Peppa bit forever!)