Out | Hampton Court Palace

Friday 10th August

Ivy Wears: Handknit Cardigan, Little Bird Dress, Boden Shoes*
Ted Wears, Little Bird Top, Little Bird Shorts, Inch Blue Shoes*

I cannot even begin to explain how good it was seeing these two whilst they were over from Australia for the summer. Having had an indoor M&S picnic the week before with Uncle Freddie, we opted for a day out close to his family home for our second meeting (so close they came on their BOAT, yep) and it was even more magical than I could have ever hoped. I have fond memories of visiting Hampton Court as a child and had had it on my to-do list since Kate opened the brand new and simply incredible play area but the day was made my the in-palace actors spending ages chatting to Ivy in character and I cant wait to go back when she's doing Tudors (my fave!) at school.