In | Me and Mine Project #24

August 2018

I've driven over double the amount of miles I usually would this month, I've spent money I probably shouldn't have and I don't ever think I have been this tired but my word, what a month it has been. We've crammed in everything - theme parks, festivals, friends and family. Admittedly at times it has all got a bit much for all of us and we did take a week out mid-August to just try and chill out a bit more than we had been but looking back, it has all been worth the physical and emotion toll and we've come away with so many memories.

So much is changing now - 2 sets of neighbours who have made this house my home are moving away this week and shortly afterwards, Ivy will be starting school but as the Autumn approaches and another chapter begins, we have so much to look forward to too. Michael got a big promotion at work this month which I could not be prouder of him for and to try and take the edge off losing Ivy for 5 mornings a week I have been thinking of some special things I can do just one-on-one with my boy - something we have never really had the chance to do before. I have also finally admitted it's time to start making a bit more time for my own well-being and hope to get those balls rolling too in the next few weeks as well as a very special birthday for a very special lady to prepare for so right now, I feel the change is good.