In | Ivy's Reading Corner: Self Confidence

July 2018

I could not be happier with the amazing response from our debut Reading Corner blog post (it was by far our most read post of the month) and nothing pleases me more than when you all enjoy content that we are so passionate about sharing. Due to this, and another incredibly generous box of books from Junior Magazine, we had a little think about the best way to share the 100's of favourites we've got lined up and thought it may be a nice idea to have a loose theme each month. I asked Ivy to choose what she would like to share the most (In My Heart) and built on a self confidence and self awareness theme from there - what better books to be reading before releasing Ivy into a whole new realm of independence at school in September.

1. In My Heart: A Book Of Feelings by Jo Witek
We spied this book in the gorgeous gift shop at RHS Wisley during a time when we were really struggling with Ivy's behaviour and it was purchased with the hope that it would help her begin to understand her own feelings and emotions and to also create a safe and calm way in which we could discuss some of the incidents we'd had - it has since become one of Ivy's most read books. This beautifully illustrated book explains perfectly what each emotion feels like physically to help the reader identify with it and also emphasises that we can all feel all of these feelings with the cut out hearts that run right through the book. One of the best books we have ever bought.

2. The Bumblebear by Nadia Shireen*
Neither of us fell in love with 'The Cow Who Fell To Earth' so I was pleasantly surprised when Ivy was repeatedly reaching for The Bumblebear. When I asked her what she liked about it, she told me 'the bear is pretending to be a bee because they all like honey' and I was sold. This very cute and funny story about Norman trying to get hold of more honey by passing himself off as a bee at Bee School ends with a true affirmation of friendship and acceptance. A lovely read time and time again.

3. We're All Works Of Art by Rose Blake and Mark Sperring*
Not your typical 'we're all different but we're all awesome' book (though this is, of course, the perfect message for any book). The reason why we love this book as much as we do is it's very clever use of lots of different types of art to help us celebrate the diversity in the story. This little lady loves the Tate and with creativity being a strong interest of mine too, it's so lovely to see her pick out her favourite illustrations and learn about that as much as it is teaching her that we're all beautiful in our own ways.

4. Elmer by David Mckee
I'm afraid I won't be able to resist sharing at least one of my own childhood favourites each month that I've passed on to the children (this was also my original copy!) and it's no surprise that in this rainbow-loving family that we all adore Elmer. Whilst Ted is obsessed with his board book collection, Ivy is happily reading and resonating with the original tale of the patchwork elephant who doesn't want to look different to all the other elephants anymore and paints himself grey - the perfect story to encourage self-love and the importance of standing out from the crowd, and being loved by your peers for it too.

5. The Magic Garden by Lemniscates*
This enchanting book is the perfect way to introduce children to the 'magic' of ever-changing nature but even more importantly getting them open their eyes to what's really infront of them. 'Chloe lives in a magic garden but she doesn't even know it' the story begins before the wind starts to show Chloe all of the incredible things that are occurring right before her very eyes. Since receiving this book, we have added 'Silence' and 'I am a Warrior Princess' by Lemniscates (an illustration studio in Barcelona) which are both equally as wonderful as The Magic Garden and we will be sharing them both with you soon too

We have been lucky enough to have received a selection of books to review from Penguin and Junior Magazine as part of their #JuniorBookClub and these will be marked with an asterisk just as all our gifted clothing is. Please rest assured that all words and opinions are very much our own and we have not had to have this blog post submitted and checked before publishing. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.