In | Family Festival Packing Essentials

Summer 2018

Photos by the amazing Dear Little Daisy

This year will be our 4th year at Oxfordshire's The Big Feastival but despite being seemingly Festival savvy, this will be our first year that we intend on being their the entire weekend and I am excited and terrified in equal measure. Taking children anywhere overnight seems to become a military mission especially when your destination is a field in a rural Oxfordshire village and finding a near by shop for forgotten goods is out of the equation so it entails taking a lot of stuff.

Thankfully, Kipling have sent us the most magical Mary Poppins-esque bag in order to take it all with us with pockets and compartments galore - I've managed to pack all of mine and Ted's things in here with Ivy's coats too. Despite the fact we haven't had to pick and choose to carefully, I thought I'd let you know what we would consider to be our top packing essentials if you too are heading to a family-friendly festival this summer or are considering it sometime soon!

Kipling Pouch (part of bag), Ikea Plastic Cutlery and Plates, Kleen Kanteen Straws, Kleen Kanteen 20oz Insulated Flask, Kleen Kanteen 16oz Insulated Tumbler

Reusable cups, Cutlery and Straws
I am making adjustments to our family plastic consumption as and when I am able to and the easiest switch we've made so far is cups and straws! These bad boys come everywhere with us now and Feastival will be no exception - especially when most meals will be served with single-use utensils. Both of these Kleen Kanteens are infact insulated so warm beer is now a thing of the past too if, like me, you nurse it for hours.

Body Gems
Ivy is terrified of having her face painted so not wanting her to miss out on the whole dressing up experience, we will be bringing some body gems with us

Solar-Powered Fairy Lights
Better than single use glow sticks to jazz up our festival wagon at nighttime

Raincoats and Wellies
We are in England afterall

All The Miniatures 
Not ideal for plastic consumption but still need to be practical. Due to Ivy's health we have gotten into the habit of carrying Anti-Viral foam and Anti-Bac gel wherever we go and being outdoors for 3 days will send my germ anxiety into over drive so we'll be carrying a set each along side a suncream each (because I have a habit of misplacing these), pocket tissues, little deodorants, travel sized dry shampoo and very important snacks in the form of cereals, pouches and raisins

Battery pack 
For the first year, we are going to The Big Feastival completely unsponsored and have paid for our entire experience so without any pressure to be on or get content for social media, I am hoping to have a detox whilst we're there - however - there are people we're hoping to meet up with and in order to find them we will need our phones to contact them. My battery pack may be pretty but Michael's power bar will last us the whole weekend and then some.

In order to minimize phone useage I will of course be taking my camera! And although I wont be producing content for anyone in particular I will still be blogging for the sake of my biggest reader, Ivy

Mini Rodini Turtle Sweatshirt, Boden Groovy Sweatshirt*, Little Bird Happy Sweatshirt

Summer 18 has certainly been a scorcher, so much so it's hard to remember that on the brink of September, the nights may be a little chillier than we've been used to.

Safety Bits and Bobs
Ear Defenders to protect little ear-drums (can also be used during fireworks night so not a one-time use purchase), a miniature first aid kit - you never know - and these fab Koodi locks which we bought to lock our buggys up at Disney (which are combination so no lost keys!) which will be fab for locking the tent.

Blister Plasters
There's an awful lot of walking around and maybe in shoes you're not quite used to

Head Torch
An excellent purchase from Michael - anything with a hands-free option when you've got kids is a winner in my book

Is there anything you think we've forgotten? Have an amazing time if you too are going to a Festival soon and if you're not, I hope this persuades you to get booking!