In | Me and Mine Project #22

June 2018

As if we're half way through the year already? Half of me is wondering where it's disappearing too but oh my goodness me, I don't think we could have packed more into this month if we tried! We upped Ivy's nursery hours at the beginning of the month, have been on holiday, watched endless amounts of football, but not as much as I've been watching Love Island, seen family from China and me and M have even managed to get to two huge stadium shows two weekends in a row whilst Nanna and Grandad gave us a very well deserved break from parenting these nutters. Sadly the month came to quite an ending with the Pox plaguing the house and whilst Ivy is finally over the worst of it (and my 4 year anxiety over it has finally come to an end), we patiently await Ted to come out in it too.

As terribly British as it is to discuss the weather, I do feel it's worth noting that June has been hot, hot, hot - it was even nice during our week at Center Parcs, 5th time lucky ey? but even more amazingly, my beautiful mumma completed her radiotherapy sessions too and I can finally see the sunshine ahead of us now.