In | Ivy's Reading Corner: Current Favourites

June 2018

Nine times out of ten, you will find Ivy reading. She has always had a keen interest in books but over the last year, her reading ability has shot off to a new dimension and I find her reading stories that I have never sat down and read with her and you'll never see her happier than when she's snuggled up in her beanbag with a pile of books. In a bid to update her bookshelf, I shared this on social media and the response was amazing, opening us up to lots of new series and authors to explore but also to lots of other bookworms. We were even lucky enough to receive the most beautiful parcel of brand new books from Penguin (which arrived just in time for the start of the dreaded pox) so with all of this and being housebound for a couple of weeks, I thought it would be nice to introduce a new monthly feature here on the blog reviewing our 5 favourite books each month, that we would produce together. For a long while now, I have been keen to get Ivy more involved in creating content for the blog - it is hers as much as it is mine, afterall - and what better place to start than the thing she is passionate about the most.

1. You Choose In Space by Nick Sharatt and Pippa Goodhart
I have lost count of the amount of times I have recommended You Choose as a book for children of any age. It is by far the most magical and imaginative book out there and with my own childhood nostalgia of Nick Sharatt illustrations, I'm not sure which of us loves it more. How many other books can you pick up time and time again and still read a brand new story? and now we have even more tales to tell with this new edition, You Choose in Space. The concept is very similar to the original but with even wilder options to spin off from, there is room for this version on your shelf too. This was the first book Ivy wanted to read from our fab new parcel and said 'there's so many amazing things in here' - she's not wrong.

2. Dogger by Shirley Hughes
This is not our first copy of Dogger. Uncle Freddie gifted Ivy one of my childhood favourites last summer and it is now rather battered and (more importantly) very well loved. This hard back, 40th Anniversary edition is a little more sturdy thank goodness and even has a photo of the real life Dogger in too! There is a reason this book has been loved so deeply for so long with it's relatable tale of fear and kindness and perfect illustrations to match

3. Lion by Ed Vere
Another of Ivy's self-found favourites is Ed Vere having discovered 'Mr Big' at the library and then her refusing to let us give it back for a good few months. This is Vere's latest book which came out just last week (we were very fortunate to have it early) and is the beautiful tale of Leonard the Lion who didn't want to be like the other fierce lions. A captivating story that promotes self love and friendship in the most perfect of ways from such an early age (not to mention gorgeous illustrations in this too)

4. Peppa and the Giant Unicorn
It may not be a classic but in order to let Ivy's love of books flourish, I have to let her decide without my input at times. Though, in all fairness, I owe so much of Ivy's reading ability to Peppa Pig books having never left the house without a PP board book in the last 4 years and it is nice that they have produced some stories designed for her reading age with characters she has grown up adoring.

5. Little People Big Dreams: Audrey Hepburn
The Little People, Big Dreams collection was by far the most recommended for Ivy and you clever bunch were spot on! Telling the tales of some of life's most influential women so that they can be understood clearly by youngsters, these stories teach so much more than their individual stories and Ivy just loves them, with Audrey Hepburn coming out on top for her.