Out | Whipsnade Zoo

Friday 4th May

Ivy Wears: Little Bird Jacket, Little Bird Dress, Cath Kidston Backpack, Boden Socks, Boden Boots
Ted Wears: Little Bird Jacket, Mothercare Vest, Little Bird Shorts, Inch Blue Shoes

Back in December, a very lucky little girl was given some Whipsnade tickets by her wonderful Uncle Freddie for her birthday so, with Daddy on a surprise week off and the weather actually looking quite pleasant, we seized the opportunity to have a big family day out and it was everything we all hoped it would be.  Whipsnade is a lot bigger than any of the other zoos we've done with the kids before and it is not often we'll spend all day in one place but we stayed til closing and yet still left ourselves plenty to go back for in the future - Judging by the amount we all adored the day (even daddy!), I'm sure that won't be too long.