Out | Kimpton Yarn Bombing

Wednesday 2nd May

Ivy Wears: Little Bird Top, Little Bird Dress, Little Bird Shoes
Ted Wears: Mothercare Vest, Young Team Vintage Mothercare Dungarees

Having grown up in a small rural village, I understand the joy that a May Day fete can bring to a community. Every year we'd head down to our village green, see the parade come in, enjoy morriss dancers and maypole dancing, watch a king a queen be crowned, play old fashioned games and would indulge in candy floss. Since leaving that village, May Day has very much passed me by each year (as it does in towns and big cities) but a darling friend suggested we check out Kimpton which is incredibly close to our home now and it was magic to see the preparations being made for the big day -  most notably, the knitting.

It was wonderful to be inspired by the colour, creativity and community spirit wandering around Kimpton, but one of the people responsible for this yarn explosion has given me all 3 of those beautiful things on a daily basis for the last 5 years and I will never be able to thank her enough. George - this post is to celebrate you, how much we simply adore you and to wish you all the love and luck in the world with everything you do x