Out | Kew Gardens - Here Be Dragons

Saturday 12th May

Ivy Wears: Boden Cardigan*, Little Bird Dress
Ted Wears: Boden Cardigan*, Boden Top, Little Bird Shorts, Inch Blue Shoes

No matter how much I do, my 'wishlist' of places to visit never ever gets shorter and I rarely get around to seeing those I love as much as I'd like to. Very occasionally though, all our stars align and we get to spend the most special days out with the most special people and visiting Kew Gardens (finally!) this Saturday was one of those very such days. I always knew we would just love Kew, and even in the rain it very much lived up to our expectations and I cannot wait to return over the years to see its different blooms and expansion plans but nothing is as beautiful as those friendships that are so deep in love that it doesn't matter how much time has passed, everything just stays the same. We're so lucky to have these people in our lives x