In | Me and Mine Project #21

April 2018

April has truly been a little bit of everything - packed busy weeks with friends followed by quiet endless days at home, freezing cold frosts and freak heatwaves and lots of lovely 'firsts' to remember the month by.

After waiting 7 very long months (9 since her taster day), all of a 4 year old's dreams came true when Ivy was well enough to start nursery after the Easter break and I have never seen her so excited by anything. Seeing her in her uniform makes me so unbelievably proud of her for getting to this huge milestone and I cannot wait to see her thrive in the environment she's been so desperate to be in. We've started her off on 2 mornings a week but that has not stopped her asking if she can go every day, even Saturdays. We were even more thrilled to be offered our first place primary school too, meaning Ivy will stay where she is now in September. She's already made friends and is enjoying dance routines, sandpits and library Fridays and I love seeing her so, so happy.

I was hoping that Ivy being out a couple of mornings a week would give me some special hours with Ted or maybe even a chance to keep the blog regular but I think I'm still finding my own new 'school run mum' feet and adjusting to the change less naturally than Ivy but hoping in time that school may introduce a little more routine for us. I worry about her terribly when she's not here, despite her being a 5 minute walk away and in the safest possible hands - I'm sure with time this will get easier.

We watched Spring come to life between trips to Bekonscot, Cliveden (twice!) and a very special sleepover all with Nanna this month and also started a very special journey with Ted in cloth nappies. I initially thought April had passed us by quicker than I could appreicate but actually, we did manage to cram plenty in - lets just hope this warmer weather is here to stay now. I'm very much done with the winter coats.