Out | Willows Activity Farm: Easter Eggstravaganza

Monday 26th March

Ivy Wears: Let Me Be Your Fancy Tea Bonnet, Boden Jumper, Boden Jumpsuit*, Boden Shoes*
Ted Wears: Let Me Be Your Fancy Tea Bonnet, Handknit Jumper, Little Bird Leggings, Inch Blue Shoes*

The Willows Easter Eggstravaganza was the first place we ever took Ted out for the day at just a couple of days old so it seemed fitting to visit again the week of his first birthday. I absolutely love it at Willows (even more so than the kids) as it is so safe to let both wander and play freely and means I can take them both out on my own without being worried about how to keep them both occupied within my sights. They both adored the Easter Egg hunt and despite the wonderful weather it was busy without feeling crowded - the perfect day out

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