Out | Cambrige University Botanical Garden

Friday 6th April

Ivy Wears: Next Jacket, Mothercare Rollneck, Little Bird Dress, Boden Shoes*
Ted Wears: Little Bird Hoody, Little Bird Cardigan, Little Bird Dungarees*, Inch Blue Shoes*

As an Oxford girl, born and bred, I have been a bit naive as to how close we are now to Cambridge and had still never visited. Of course, enjoying the cities are is in no way mutually exclusive but I felt I'd be doing a diservice to my beloved hometown if I fell in love with Cambridge, which I knew was almost a certainty. 

But what better reason to visit than to meet up with some of our closest friends in a conveniently central location and I couldn't be happier that we did! With 5 kids and an age range of 1-10, we headed for the University Botanical Gardens and every single one of us enjoyed being out in the sunshine in each others company for the day and I cannot wait to spend our summer adventures with this truly gorgeous family in Cambridge, and beyond.