In | The Children's Bedroom (Update)

Photos and Video by the amazing Dear Little Daisy
Spring 2018

George at Asda Clock, H&M Frames, Little Bird Sleeping Bag*

Little Bird Basket, Miffy Lamp, John Lewis Doll's House, Little Bird Rug

Tiger Frames

Home Bargains Peg Board, The Jam Tart Colour Flash Cards*

Who can quite believe it's been over a year since we shared our last 'Children's Bedroom' post (here) and it is safe to say a lot has changed since we first shared the room - most notably the arrival of one of its inhabitants! As well as the accumulation of stuff that having another child brings, we have had to make adaptations to this room just to suit the ever-changing needs of both children and although I claimed to have had the room as closed to finished as I could have pictured last spring, I was quite clearly very far from it! Who was I to know that Ted would be walking at just 10 months old? And I certainly wasn't expecting the incredible Little Bird Nursery collection to launch (which of course we had to have!) which has attributed to the changes too.

Just to give you a brief overview of the space - we live in a rented ground floor, 2 bedroom flat and this, the second bedroom is used by Ivy, who is 4 and Ted, 1 - although, we can only get one of these to actually sleep in here for an entire night at the moment. I wanted to create a fun, bright, unisex space for them to enjoy away from the lounge which is just next door and by the amount of time they each spend in here playing, I do feel I have achieved my main aims. I have always been obsessed with rainbows and this room is certainly my dream bedroom! but I have also chosen things specifically for them too (eg. Ivy's other sheets are Carebears ones).

This room has undergone a few reshuffles in the last year - we took the cot into our room at one point and have also managed to wiggle in some other big bits of furniture. The first being Ivy's beloved kitchen (see how this was upcycled here) which was shipped in from Nanna's house and has provided endless amounts of play time for them both. Originally I wasn't keen on having this so close to the bed but with limited options I feel we've made it work with the clip on light. The other amazing addition we have had is the Little Bird clothing rail which I fell in love with the moment I saw it. Most of the childrens clothes are stored underneath their beds but they're far too nice to be hidden away! and has given Ivy a lot more independence in choosing her own clothes, rather than grabbing whatever was on the top in the drawers.

As they are sharing, I wanted to make sure they each had their own spaces within the room. Everything that is accessible at Ted's level is suited to his age and we have split the Kallax's to create Ivy a little playstation at stool level where she can get toys out to play with them without a certain someone getting involved in the game (even though she is very tolerant of her little brother). This meant the Dolls house was moved to the floor and is now played with so much more than when it was up high and is their favourite thing to play with together. Watching them bond over toys like this is quite simply magic. As we're renting, wall art is minimized to command hanging strips on our frames so I was thrilled to see the arrival of the Little Bird window stickers which have created the perfect town backdrop to the Doll's House without the worry of damage.

And then of course, the room has naturally evolved with the little bits we've picked up as and when which have really made the room what it is now. We swapped out the old tatty Ikea rug for a La Redoute one, after month's of colour deliberation Ted finally has his Velveteen Babies raindrops and I've been making more of an effort to display little toys and cards to make it all feel more homely.

I am so pleased to have created a room that they both love but there is no denying that the person who loves spending time in here the most is, in fact, me - it is impossible not to be happy in here and I love watching them grow up in a world as colourful as they are.