In | Ted On The 28th

March 2017 - Februrary 2018

Over the last year, I have made a conscious effort to take a more memorable photo of Ted on the 28th of each month to share to Instagram with a small update to mark each milestone. Having completed the first 12 (in what seems like record time) I thought it would be lovely to group them all together so they will be easy to find should he ever want to have a look. In this day in age where we have instant cameras in our hands, I don't think we fully appreciate capturing those extra special moments and I am certainly guilty of not organising my photos like I would if I had to print and album them. Despite these being quick phone snaps of this forever changing little boy, I think each one has captured him perfectly and I cannot wait to see what the next 12 will bring

29th March 2017
My son, my moon and the most perfect of stars - our gorgeous Teddy John Jacob Clarke completed our family late last night weighing in at 8lb 2oz and I could not be more in love

28th April 2017
My beautiful 1 month old 

28th May 2017
Interrupting our short Instagram break to say happy #2monthsold to this little man 

28th June 2017
I have experienced and been totally heartbroken by miscarriage but that is now Incomparable to the heartbreak I have experienced with the first child I was lucky enough to bring into the world. During Ivy's diagnosis, I mourned a life she would never get - one free from hurt, pain, worry but I love her even more than I ever thought possible for the journey she has endured and the way she has dealt with everything that has been thrown at her. However, the day we were given Ivy's fontan date, 2 longed-for blue lines came up on a pregnancy test. The day before we were admitted for her open heart surgery I saw my little boy for the first time. Whilst Ivy was under general anaesthetic and still impatient at the royal brompton we were given the news that our boy would not suffer in the same way Ivy has. Throughout the toughest moments and months of my life, the little person that was growing inside of me has shown me a strength, a hope, a happiness I could not have coped without and has allowed me to do what's best for the both of them - since he's been here, that has continued in amounts I can't even describe. This may not be the 'true' reason behind this vest but my goodness if there was ever a rainbow after the storm it is our little Ted. You may never know how much you've done for me in your short existence but I can never thank you, or love you, enough because of it. Happy 3 months you incredible boy x

28th July 2017
Keeping us all smiling whilst Ivy is still in hospital

28th August 2017
gimme five for FIVE whole months of our little Tedericco who's already getting up on his damn hands and knees, nomming any food we dare let him near and has forgotten how to sleep in past 5.30. Send help and a big fat pause button

28th September 2017
6 months of pure joy with this boy

28th October 2017
This little pumpkin turned 7 months over the weekend - he is by far the scariest little thing we could have this Halloween with him turning us into the walking dead on lack of sleep, horrifying bumps and bruises with his new found love of climbing absolutely everything and tricking us into this weird time warp where 7 whole months has disappeared before our very eyes so I have got him back by making him pose in so many pumpkin arrangements that just one more won't hurt 

28th November 2017
First ever Pizza Express Pizza to celebrate 8 months of this gorgeous boy. Worryingly the third time I'm posting a #Tedonthe28th from Chelsea

28th December 2017
Always mad when you realise you've known them longer than you knew the idea of them but I could never have imagined how wonderful you were going to be 

28th Janaury 2018
10 months today - this month we have seen Ted’s likes and dislikes come to life with the help of his new little corner where he spends hours playing. He loves books (thank goodness), anything peppa and walking with his pram 

28th February 2018
11 months today - How did we get here already my little hoozie bear? on the 1st of Feb, you took your first steps and now you toddle around the house like you own the place. There is nothing you can not climb up (and if you can’t, you know you can always stand on a cushion to help you) so I cannot turn my back for a second. If you’re not up high, you’ve probably hidden yourself under something instead until you yelp cos you’re stuck. One of your favourite games is throwing your blocks around and then putting them back in the box one by one on repeat but maybe not quite as much as you LOVE your books. You have a weird curiosity with toilets and little bird ribbons and you’re guaranteed to eat cucumber at every meal. In 28 days, you’ll be 1 and I am 100% not ready for that yet. The last 11 months have gone in the blink of an eye but I could not be prouder of the incredible little boy you are becoming and your ear to ear smile brightens up my world every single day (which is a good job too seeing as we’re never apart!)