In | Me and Mine Project #19

February 2018

Somehow we always manage to miss January's group shot but here we are, pyjamas and all celebrating my birthday (which happened to be pancake day this year). I really don't like being negative on these posts as I'd hate to look back in years to come and just read a load of moans but in all honesty, 2018 just ain't really doing it for me yet. Turning older, the obscenely snowy weather and a running streak of bad news have made this month one I'd quite simply forget but as another chapter begins, I can only hope to see a change in the wind a little.

On the other hand, we now have a toddler! On the 1st February at just 10 months and 2 days, a little person took their first steps and got the hang of it far too quickly! He is practically running around our home now and I cannot wait for some warmer weather so I can pop him out in the garden to wear the terror out! Ivy is sight reading entire books on her own which is just astounding and after almost a year of waiting patiently, we are finally awaiting some blood results which will hopefully give us a green light for nursery, which she could not be more excited for.

Come on then March, third time lucky x