Out | Tate Modern - Superflex: One Two Three Swing!

Tuesday 30th January

Ivy Wears: Let Me Be Your Fancy Tea Bonnet, Little Bird Blouse, Little Bird Belt, Little Bird Skirt*, Clarks Shoes
Ted Wears: H&M Bodysuit, Little Bird Dungarees

The thought of driving into central London alone with two children in the middle of January might not sound like the perfect day out but oh my goodness, it was the loveliest day I'd had with them both for a long while. Both babies absolutely adored all the exhibitions we nosied around, most especially the rainbow carpet and swing installation in the Turbine Hall. Ivy has not stopped talking about all of the paintings she had seen and at one moment asked if she could take photos of her favourites (top of the list being 'Madonna'). I've so missed taking her to exhibitions and museums as often as we once did and I hope this is the year we really get back into the swing of things.