Wardrobe | Joanie Jumpers

Photos by the amazing Dear Little Daisy
January 2017

I am so excited about this post as it has taken me right back to the ol' blogging roots of fashion and outfit posts (yep, once upon a time I didn't feel the need to hide behind my children on the internet) and this is the kind of content I would absolutely love producing, for a clothing brand I am totally besotted with. Joanie Clothing seem to have been a Instagram mega-success this year and I couldn't be prouder to be working with them alongside side some of my absolute most favorite outfit-inspo accounts (such as Sophie Rosemary, Bubbly Aquarius and Tigerlilly Quinn) Seeing as my 'thing' is and always will a jazzy jumper, I thought this would be the perfect way to show off what this brand has to offer.

The 'Christmas' Jumper*
When I ordered, it was December and to make the most of the extreme amount of christmas knits I own, I had to wear a different one pretty much every day (check out my 12 Days of Knitmas on Instagram). I thought I'd done well with not acquiring any this winter but who was I to resist this perfect little number with it's hint of festivity, but not so much that I will be continuing to live in it throughout January too.

The Sweatshirt*
If there is anything I love more than christmas knits, it is David Bowie so this aptly named 'Ziggy' sweater style top was the piece that jumped out at me the most when I was browsing the Joanie site. These kind of bretons go with just about everything but the patch gives it that extra bit of character.

The 'More Is More' Knit*
This jumper has a little bit of everything which is why I love it so much - frills, metallics and stripes? my 3 favourite things rolled into just one piece of (wonderful) clothing which is infact half price at the moment - What more could you want?