In | What's Happening With Me, Myself and Ivy?

Photos by the amazing Dear Little Daisy

Ivy  Wears: Little Bird Jumper, H&M Jeans, Boden Boots
Ted Wears: Little Bird Jumper, M&S Dungarees
Amy Wears: Boden Jumper*, Topshop Check Shirt, M&S Jeans

I'm going to be 100% honest here - I am not enjoying blogging at the moment. I am absolute heartbroken that something I have spent so long building into something of my own, a distraction from the the more difficult side of life and something I very much love has become somewhat of a burden. I can remember feeling like this when we started to wind down Two Shoes, One Pair which is why I started this very blog in the first place and I could not be more genuinely upset that this has happened here.

I am very aware that this is entirely my own fault and I have let the occasional finanical gain lead me into this mess in the first place but I know I'm not the only person feeling like this. It's very hard not to turn down actual money to flog a few bits here and there but this has resulted in utter embarrassment for me with some of the content I have ended up publishing recently (trust me, I wish I hadn't had to do so) if I've been tied to deadlines etc and if I'm feeling like this about myself, goodness knows how you guys are feeling about having dull drivel shoved down your throat - this is not what this space on the internet was intended for. I have stuck to my guns and turned down plenty of opportunities that I really don't think have been right for us but I have decided to take the risk with some offers and have ended up feeling horribly uncomfortable and very regretful. I see so many other bloggers who seem to get the balance right between the paid for posts and organic content and I personally, just don't feel we are able to do that.

My biggest reader of this blog is Ivy herself - she spends hours scrolling through our adventures together and, to me, it is her opinion that matters the most. Is she going to see these posts in the future and wonder why there's adverts dotted between our memories together for items that she will never remember owning? Is she going to begrudge me for using her to sell things that are completely irrelevant  to the moments I want to capture, remember and share? I would never ever ask her to participate in anything she would not feel comfortable in doing and maybe my unease is on her behalf.

So from now, we will be going back to what we know and what we love which I hope us is what you guys also know and love but if you don't, I am ok with that too - I'm taking my blog back and making it ours again. Working with the amazing Jodie has given me a huge creative confidence to get back into outfit posts which will allow us to continue to work with the brands we already adored before this blog came about (Little Bird, Bugaboo and Boden based content will become bigger and better than ever before) but other than that, we invite you only on our daily adventures, the occasional health update and whatever we feel like we want to share and I couldn't be more excited to do so