In | Me and Mine Project #17

November 2017

We have seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows this month  which seems to be becoming the norm in the Watts/Clarke calendar. It started off slow with us being in minimal contact with the outside world (and it's germs) but finally after 11 months of waiting, my wish finally came true and we made it to Disney - a moment I was beginning to doubt would ever happen. That week was so worth the wait though and the magic and memories made in just those 5 days were enough to last a lifetime for me. Since we've been home we've had family down from Berwick, we've made a quick dash attempt at reconnecting with friends and Ivy has had a very important surgery which we are thankfully home from now but still recovering from.

This has lead to a sheer determination to end this year on a high and December is going to be packed full of family, friends and festivities. I can't believe this is going to be the last family photo I post with a 3 year old Ivy and I wouldn't be surprised if our little cruiser is full-on walking by Christmas and I just want to soak it all in before we face the new year - to infinity and beyond x