Holiday | Disneyland Paris - Day One

Monday 13th November

It was the best kept secret of all time but after 11 long months, we were finally on our way to Disneyland Paris. Originally booked for September (over the anniversary of Ivy's Fontan operation to be exact), we'd had to push back to make way for one of Ivy's many operations this year and this is why this holiday was so important to me. I had saved for Ivy's post-fontan holiday since before she was even born and she had been asking to go back to 'Mickey's House' ever since our visit in 2015 but despite worrying for most of the year that we would never manage it, miraculously, we arrived at St. Pancras in our Disney sweatshirts and Ivy still had no idea where we going.

The magic began when we met up with Uncle Sam and Aunty Katie with a priceless reaction from Ivy when they arrived and then, as we boarded the Eurostar, the penny finally dropped. 'Are we?!, Are we?!' she kept asking and we could begin to see the excitement filling her up infront of us.

After a super easy 3 hour journey, we arrived and headed straight through the village to Sequoia Lodge (which was decorated so perfectly for the launch of Disney's Christmas that week), but we got our stuff in then got ourselves on the hunt for some food. Out of pure excitement, we headed straight for the parks and grabbed a star-shaped pizza from Bella Notte which happened to be at the beginning of the 25th Anniversary Parade. We watched in awe as Ivy's favourite characters passed us whilst the sun set over the park which could not have been a more perfect start to our holiday - so perfect in fact, we caught it again at the end of the route as we were trying to leave for an early night which I loved, but once had been enough for Daddy.