In | Me and Mine Project #16

October 2017

Confession time - we didn't get round to shooting our whole family photo this month, oops, but I'll take any excuse to share this picture of my creepy, kooky kiddos all dressed up for halloween on as many platforms as possible so I'm happy with this more than suitable capture for this update. We've had no major family events which have prompted the monthly pic (i.e. when I can con Michael into getting infront of the camera) but that has been exactly what I've wanted from weekends this month -  nice, normal days chilling at home, breakfast at Sainsbury's, snuggling up during Strictly, moments that you can sometimes take a bit for granted which I am learning to treasure. Michael's been super busy at work, Ivy is getting so tired (and ratty) that shes back to two naps a day and Ted has taken it upon himself to wake up at 5 each morning (which was 4 after the clock change ughhhhh) so most of the month has been spent in a zombie like state for me amongst germ-avoidance in the hope we can get to Disney in November and autumnal walks to keep us all sane.

The quiet month was a fab excuse for me to take part in #NoSpendOctober which I am thrilled to say I completed by spending no money on non-essentials for either me or the kids for 31 days and instead, 'shopping' my own wardrobe which has allowed me to dip my toes back in the 'old me' who I have been missing as of late, it's relieved me of a big reason to be anxious and in turn I have also started the Christttmmmasss shopping with the money I have saved (and feeling pretty smug about it too). It's not very often that I am proud of myself but I am for this, however silly that sounds. I hope it's made me question some of my spending habits - mainly on coffee and clothes - long term. 

Other than that, I actually don't know what else to say! and I don't know whether that's just our lack of news or the fact I am currently struggling to remember what we even did yesterday. We know Ivy's upcoming surgery will be soon after our holiday and then with a birthday and Christmas to see to, I know the rest of the year is going to fly by so I'm more than happy to wait patiently in the calm before the storm.