5 Things | Getting Ready For Christmas

November 2017

Boden Dress*

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Boden Candle*

Ivy Wears: Boden Cardigan*, Little Bird Pyjamas
Ted Wears: Boden Cardigan*, Little Bird Sleepsuit

I'm not even the slightest bit sorry that our first published post this November is Christmas related - we all love a bit of Halloween fun but we all know the 31st October is the gateway into the Festive Season, and not just into horrors and I am now too excited to wait any longer! We've had a somewhat challenging year and I am determined to end the year on a high, especially with it being Ted's first Christmas, so I am also going to unapologetically brag about the fact that for the first year ever, my organisational hat is on and I've given myself enough time to get everything just right for the months ahead.With a holiday, an operation and a 4th birthday to get through before we even get to the big day itself, I have begun collecting bits together now to eliminate stress, help spread the costs and to forego the fear of forgetting anything.

Here are 5 ways in which we're Getting Ready For Christmas:

1. Present Buying For The Children
I have never ever struggled with this, up until now! With Ivy being a December baby it has always been interesting spreading gifts out between the two occasions but with Ted to throw into the mix too now, it's become increasingly important not to get carried away and to over buy. At 4, I think Ivy is expecting quantity over quality so we have decided to get a few small gifts rather than just one 'main' present and pop them all in this fab Matalan toy box* for her to delve through throughout the day.

We have also got them these super cute Alphabet Sacks* for Santa to leave a few bits in too! We're away for Christmas and these are much less bulky than stockings to bring away with us, look slick and feel really special with the personalised initial.

2. Food
Michael has put us forward to be in charge of the food (thanks bab) for the big day so I have taken immense pleasure in flicking through food catalogues and sticky noting bits that we want for dinner but in an attempt not to ruin what is arguably the best food day of the year, we have been getting a bit of practice in now (especially with those pesky veg, just me?) Every single detail counts on Christmas and I have so many memories of the little things my mum got for us to make each year memorable (far more than the gifts I got each year) so we have got the kids these lovely Christmas Dinner plates* from Matalan which we're hoping will distract from the dinner I'll have inevitably wrecked in some way or another and that they can use year after year.

3. Outfit Planning
Without doubt my favourite part of the festive season is, of course, the fashion! Out come the novelty knits, the sparkly dresses and cosy pyjamas and carefully articulated outfits for pretty much the whole month which I have already started planning. Boden's Christmas collection came out just this monday which you can shop here and is even more wonderful than ever, our Little Bird Christmas Eve jammies are ready and waiting

4. Shopping Small
We adore our brands but we also love to support local and online businesses and due to the high demand period and probably just one or many two people behind these wonderful shops, it is essential you get in early - especially with crafters. They, more than anyone, would hate to leave you disappointed so it's worth reaching out sooner rather than later. We've already got our mitts on these absolutely amazing christmas cards from Frankies Doodles to give out to our most treasured hospital staff this year.

5. Sneaky Decorating
I managed to get 5 pumpkins into our lounge decor without causing too much havoc so is it acceptable to start slowly swapping them over for Christmas bits in the hope that Michael won't notice? I already know the answer is yes. Framed cards, a scented candle and a glass rainbow tree have already made their way onto shelves as well as a behaviour determining Santa sign* so we can let the big man himself know if we've good enough for a visit this year and with this level of organisation, I'm going to say that's a yes.