In | Me and Mine Project #15

September 2017

September seems to have gone on forever and vanished in the blink of an eye all at once. Mother nature has hit the Autumn button hard and we have enjoyed watching the rich colours come in, the conkers falling and the return of soup and toast lunches - something we missed out on last year that we did not want to take for granted this year. Ivy's cardiac catheter on the 4th and severe knock-on effects have once again dominated most of the month, but we did manage to finish off with some really special days with really special people in the last of the September sun. Visits from Uncle Freddie, National Trusts for Nanna and Grandad Ron's Birthdays, Waffles with Naomi and Ollie and even a lovely night off for me have been exactly what we've all needed.

This month though belongs to my darling boy who celebrated his half a year earthside and seems to be growing at the most alarming rate - gone is my teeny baby but in his place is a child filled with such charm, cheer and determination. This month alone, Ted has moved out of his pram, into the high chair setting of his Tripp Trapp, has started (and is loving) solids, has gained two teeth and is crawling around our flat faster than I can cope with. He loves on the mouth kisses, wires and the Peppa Pig theme tune and despite grizzling multiple times in the night, he wakes up so bright eyed and beautiful it is too easy to forgive the crippling lack of sleep. I adore the way he sucks his two fingers and the way he looks at his sister when she bounds in in the morning. Feeding Teddy has been an absolute dream and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon and it's the ease at which he picks up on new skills so quickly which assures me he must have been here before (or that we were just due a calmer experience this time around) I cannot tell you how magic it has been to just enjoy and get excited over what could just be considered normal and I will never get over how perfectly this little boy has filled our home and all of our hearts. As if I was ever worried that I wouldn't love another child as much as I love Ivy - I could not love this little boy any more, even at 12, 2 and 4am.