5 Things | My Little Pony: The Movie Toys

September 2017

I'd like to think that Ivy is pretty unique in lots of ways (and she most certainly is) but in some aspects she is very much your typical, almost four(!) year old girl and that includes an unbelievable amount of excitement over My Little Pony: The Movie which is due out in October. Thanks to Aunty Kerrie introducing us to the characters last Christmas and the trailer being shown at cinemas since early summer, she's been waiting very patiently for the big day but she's not had to wait as long as we thought.

As this is Ivy's space on the internet as much as it is mine, we jumped at the chance to work in partnership with Argos on the launch of the new My Little Pony: The Movie toys. This fab, and very affordable, collection of toys is exclusively available at Argos now and it's been lovely to see her excitement grow even more whilst having a little bit of the film at home with us already. For the purpose of review, I allowed her to choose which toys she'd like to test (I wouldn't even know where to start! Just me?)

Here are 5 Things We Love About The My Little Pony: The Movie Toys

1. Affordability
There are 10 toys ranging from £14.99 - £79.99 which I am pretty pleased with due to the high quality of the toys. I am so picky when it comes to plastic - for safety and aesthetic reasons - and incredibly impressed that the quality has not been sacrificed for pocket-money-pricing on these sets. She has asked for the big castle for her birthday now, but I think these sets she has are spot-on for stockings.

2. Size
The toys we reviewed were all of varying size but were all suitable from 3 years. Ivy is very trustworthy when it comes to little pieces but we have to be very aware another little mouth in the house and other than perfume bottle and hair dryer in the scene pack (shown below) none of the other toys posed any immediate danger to Ted. The Glitter and Style Seapony was a perfect size to hold in hand whilst the mane was being brushed but they are all very relevant for much older girls too - a toy that can grow with them for quite a few years.

3. Imaginative Play
Ivy is at a key age where she is truly beginning to role play properly with her toys and the Ponies have enhanced an all new stretch of her own imagination whilst fitting in very nicely with new acquaintances in the doll's house. She absolutely adored the interaction between the two Shining Friends Figures and instantly understood they lit up 'when they were holding hands' and I can't wait to see her reenacting scenes from the film with them all once we've watched it.

4. Availability
After running round every toy shop in the land on the hunt for the 'bear that did not exist' a few weeks ago, I am being tactful with the birthday and Christmas that are both fast approaching by leading her into asking for things I have a chance of getting hold of. The beauty of these being available at Argos is I can check online to see if they're in stock before I've even left the house, and can then click and collect at our store for free for which is less than a mile from the house on the same day (the next if it's coming into store)

5. Ivy's Say
When I asked Ivy what she thought of the ponies she simply replied 'they're just amazing' with the biggest grin on her face but the true test of toys is how often she has gone back to them each day and she has not put them down - Rainbow Dash even ended up in bed 'incase I need a torch' - and that says it all for me.

This post was sponsored by Argos but rest assured all toy choices, imagery, words and opinions are all completely our own